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As the premier online provider of surety bonds nationwide, Surety1 may serve clients across the USA, but we were founded in California. We know California surety bonds. We’ve built a strong reputation serving our state residents and businesses since 2003. California has a long list of state bonds, and Surety1 has extensive experience with all of them. We have access to over a dozen surety markets to place your bond at the best price and conditions. A+ rated by BBB since 2003.

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If your license or profession has no surety bond requirement attached to it but one still wants to “be bonded”, Surety1.com offers a Business Service Bond at a very affordable price.

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Common California Surety Bonds

Performance and Payment Bonds for Construction Contractors

Cannabis Bonds 
There are 5 different California Cannabis Bonds for the legal cannabis industry, all in the amount of $5,000..
 Immigration Consultant Bond California Immigration Consultant Bond is required by the Secretary of State. The bond amount is set at $100,000.
Car Wash Bond 
The California Car Wash Bond is required by the California Department of Industrial Relations. The amount of this surety bond is $150,000 per location.


Legal Document Assistant Bond
(LDA) Bond is required by the State of California in order to register as an LDA. $25,000 bond amount
Certificate of Title Bond (Lost Car Title)
The California Certificate of Title Bond is required by the DMV. It’s also referred to as a Motor Vehicle Ownership Surety Bond.


Lost Trust Deed Bond 
A California Lost Trust Deed Bond, or lost trust note bond is required by title insurance companies or other financial instrument transfer agents.
Collection Agency Bond 
The California Collection Agency Bond in the amount of $25,000 required by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (CA-DFPI)


  Lost Stock Certificate Surety Bond  
This surety bond is needed when one loses a stock certificate and is required by the transfer agent..
Contractor’s License Bond 
The California Contractor’s License Bond is required by the Contractors State License Board.  The bond amount is set at $15,000


Mortgage Lender Bond
Required by the State of California, Department of Business Oversight. The bond amount varies
Contractor LLC Employee Surety Bond 
Required of any LLC wishing to obtain a contractor’s license in the state. Bond amount is $100,000.


  Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond 
Motor vehicle dealers in the state are required to post a Surety Bond as part of the process to license the dealership. Bond amount is $50,000 if selling over 25 vehicles per year
Court Bonds – Fiduciary (Probate) Bonds
These bonds are types of court bonds that are required when one person is appointed to act on behalf of another.


  Pest Control Surety Bond 
The California Pest Control Surety Bond is required by the California Department of Consumer Affairs in the amount of $12,500
Credit Services Organization Surety Bond 
$100,000 bond is required by the California Secretary of State. Credit services is also referred to as Credit repair services


Registration Service Bond
The California Registration Service Bond is required by the California Department of Motor Vehicles in order to obtain a license in this business. $25,000 bond amount.
Farm Labor Contractor Bond 
This bond is required by the State of California Department of Industrial Relations. The minimum Bond amount is $25,000.


  Tax Preparer Surety Bond 
The California Tax Preparer Surety Bond is required by the California Tax Education Council (CTEC). Cost is $100.00 for 5 years.
Finance Lender Surety Bond

California Finance Lender Surety Bond is at least $25,000

  Vehicle Verifier Surety Bond
Required By the Department of Motor Vehicles, Bond amount is $5,000.

These are just a few of the California surety bonds we provide. Take advantage of our easy to use, easy to navigate and secure online applications and get bonded today!

Below is a comprehensive list and description of most surety bonds required in the State of California.

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