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Bond Types Click to Apply
Auctioneers Surety Bond
BMC-84 Surety Bond /Freight Broker / ICC Transportation Bond
Business Service Surety Bond
Court Bonds – Fiduciary (Probate) Bonds
Court Bonds – Non fiduciary
Credit Services Business Bond
Driver Training School Bond
Easy Application Performance Bonds
ERISA Surety Bond
Federal Distilled Spirits / TTB Surety Bond
Fuel Tax Bond
H-2A Farm Labor Contractor Bond
Household Goods Carrier Bond
Insurance Premium Finance Company Bond
Janitorial Surety Bond
Land Use Permit Surety Bond
Lost Cashier’s Check Bond
Lost Stock Certificate Surety Bond
Lottery Bond
Medicare / DMEPOS Surety Bond
Money Transmitter Bond
Mortgage Loan Originator Bond
Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Other / Don’t Know Surety Bond
Patient Trust Bond
Pawn Broker Bond
Performance and Payment Bonds
Precious Metal Dealer Bond
Private Security Bond
Professional Solicitor Bond
Solicitors Permit Bond
Tax Surety Bond
Telephone Solicitor Surety Bond
Title Insurance Settlement Agent Bond
Tobacco Wholesaler’s Check Guarantee Bond
Veteran Affairs Custodian Bond
Watercraft Dealer Bond
Wholesale Wine Distributor’s Bond

Here’s a breakdown of key information about Virginia Surety Bonds:

What are they?

Virginia Surety Bonds are financial guarantees issued by a surety company (similar to an insurance company) on behalf of a principal (business orVirginia Surety Bonds individual). They serve to protect a third-party (obligee) from financial losses if the principal fails to fulfill their obligations as specified in the bond agreement.

See our “What is a Surety Bond” Video.

Who Needs Them?

Many businesses and individuals in Virginia require surety bonds for various reasons. Some common scenarios include:

  • Licenses and Permits: Certain licenses and permits, such as for contractors, motor vehicle dealers, or auctioneers, mandate a surety bond.
  • Court-Ordered Bonds: Judges may require bonds in legal proceedings, like probate bonds or bail bonds.
  • Government Contracts: Bid, performance, and payment bonds are often required for government contracts.

Types of Virginia Surety Bonds:

There are many different types of surety bonds in Virginia, each with specific purposes and regulations. Some common types include:

Contract Bonds:

  • Bid Bond: Guarantees a bidder will enter a contract if awarded.
  • Performance Bond: Ensures a contractor completes the project according to specifications.
  • Payment Bond: Guarantees subcontractors and suppliers are paid for their work.

License and Permit Bonds:

  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond: Protects consumers from fraudulent practices.
  • Contractor License Bond: Ensures compliance with regulations and protects consumers.
  • Notary Public Bond: Guarantees the notary performs duties honestly and faithfully.

Court Bonds: 

What if I just want to “be bonded”?

If your license or profession has no surety bond requirement attached to it but one still wants to “be bonded”, offers a Business Service Bond at a very affordable price.

How to Get a Virginia Surety Bond

Take advantage of our easy to use, easy to navigate and secure, online applications and get bonded today! The above list is a comprehensive list and description of most surety bonds required in the State of Nevada.

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