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Michigan Surety Bonds - Apply Online

Surety1.com provides Michigan surety bonds for many state requirements. Different types of bonds are required for professional licenses and certain permits in Michigan. If  a surety bond is required to obtain a license or permit, but one still wants to “be bonded”, Surety1.com offers a low cost Business Service Bond.

Some common Michigan Surety Bonds include  Liquor Control Commission Bond, Vehicle Title Surety Bond, and Lost Stock Certificate Surety Bonds

Use the list below to find the specific bond for your situation. Surety1 can help you apply and get the best price.

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Surety Bonds for Michigan

This is a comprehensive list and description of most surety bonds required in the State of Michigan, including Performance and Payment bonds,  and other professional license and permit bonds. Court Bonds – Fiduciary (Probate) Bonds and Court Bonds – Non fiduciary  are also available on the website.

In addition to Michigan Surety Bonds, Surety1.com offers surety bonds required by the Federal Government as well. Common Federal Bonds include, Customs Bonds for importers, H2A Farm Labor Contractor Bonds.

Choose your bond below for a full description. Our online application is easy to navigate and secure. Once the application is completed, Surety1.com usually provides a free, no obligation quote within one business day.

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