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A Business Service Bond protects the clients of the business from fraud or theft, while assuring the client they are making the right decision choosing a bonded company. A business service bond is NOT a license bond or a bondBusiness Service Surety Bond required by any government agency. If you need a bond that is required by statute, or a bond that runs to a State, Federal or Municipal Agency, click here to apply. A business service surety bond is basically for those that may want to “be bonded” when there is no statutory requirement to provide a bond. See our “What is a Surety Bond” Video.

A business service bond protects your customers from any loss incurred from dishonest acts by your employees and business owners. Most importantly, clients/customers will be glad to know that your employees are bonded in case theft arises.

Which Types of Businesses Should Get a Business Service Surety Bond?

Business service bonds are intended for a variety of businesses, including:

Moving Companies

When a client asks if a moving company is bonded, what they are really asking is if the client is protected from fraud or other types of misconduct. Since moving companies can work inside people’s homes handling their personal property, protection against theft is important to clients. Surety bonds are required in order to ensure the client is protected against any form of fraud by the business.

Janitorial Service

Cleaning companies must buy a surety bond which protects the clients by reimbursing the client for a service if they never received it. They are also protected against fraud or theft from employees of the business. A Janitorial Service Bond will put a business in the lead when competing for a job.

Learn more about how to start a cleaning business with our Commercial Cleaning Licensing and Bonding guide.

Pool Cleaning

Similar to a Janitorial Service bond, a pool cleaning bond protects the business’s clients from fraud or theft from employees of the business. Being bonded is beneficial to the company since it assures clients that they will receive promised service.

Carpet Cleaning

The type of surety bond for a carpet cleaning business is similar to a janitorial service and pool cleaning surety bond. It is crucial for a cleaning business to be bonded since this type of business typically works in the client’s home with access to personal belongings. Clients want to be assured they will be protected if the cleaning service steals or causes harm to the client’s property. Click here to obtain a free, no obligation quote.


It is important for a customer to trust their locksmith since the locksmith deals with the customer’s security and safety. Bonded locksmiths tell customers that the company’s best interest is in the protection of their property.


A painter who is bonded means that the clients of the painter are assured the painter will fulfill the contract legally and ethically. Since some painters work on homes, it is crucial for the clients of painters to be able to hire a trustworthy painter which is what a surety bond guarantees.

Pet Sitters

Pet sitters are usually in their client’s home caring for an important furry family member. Clients need to be able to trust their pet sitter since the sitter will have access to valuable personal property. A surety bond represents a written agreement that the client will be legally protected.

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And More

Additional service-oriented businesses may be good candidates for a surety bond, including others than mentioned here. If you’re interested in getting a bond for your business, submit an application for a free quote. Applications are free and no-obligation.

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