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Court Bonds – Fiduciary (Probate) Bonds are interchangeable terms. These bonds are types of court bonds that are required when one person is appointed to act on behalf of another. Usually, this is for cases in which a person will be managing the affairs or finances of another person.

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This page outlines the most common types of probate bonds that are frequently requested for by a court.



Administrator Bonds

Administrator: Principal has been appointed to handle the estate of the deceased. Learn more about administrator bonds.

Executor Bonds

Executor: Principal has been appointed through a will to handle the estate of the deceased (and you must submit a copy of the will.) Learn more about executor bonds.

Conservatorship Bonds

Conservatorship: Principal has been appointed by the courts to handle the assets of a person who has been declared unable to handle their own affairs. Learn more about conservatorship bonds.

Guardianship Bonds

Guardianship: Principal has been appointed to protect the assets of a minor until they reach majority. Learn more about guardianship bonds.

Trustee Bonds

Trustee: Principal has been appointed through a trust to handle the estate of the deceased (and you must submit a copy of the trust.) Learn more about trustee bonds.

Requirements to Obtain Court Bonds – Fiduciary (Probate) Bonds

Generally, these items are required to get a probate/fiduciary bonds:

  • An application for the bond, which you can submit here at
  • The court order or proposed court order, which specifies the bond amount.
  • A copy of the will or trust, if you’ll be appointed to administer another person’s estate.
  • Financial statements (for bonds over $100,000).

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For a more detailed bond description and additional information concerning other probate surety bonds, click here. 

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Probate Bonds


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