The California Produce Dealers Act Surety Bond is required by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

 California Produce Dealers Act Surety Bond

What are the requirements in order to be a Produce Dealer in California?

All applicants must comply with the following requirements, as stated by the Department of Food and Agriculture Division of Marketing Services:

  • A completed application form, or an agent application form
  • A corporate officer designation form
  • Payment of all license fees including principal fee, along with conjunctive and agent fee when applicable
  • A copy of the business structure
  • A California Produce Dealers Act Surety Bond if within the preceding four years the director determines that they have done any of the following:
    • Engaged in conduct which demonstrates a lack of financial responsibility including, but not limited to, delinquent accounts payable,
      judgments of liability, insolvency, or bankruptcy.
    • Failed to assure future financial responsibility unless a surety bond is posted.
    • Otherwise violated chapter 7 of the California Food and Agricultural code which resulted in license revocation.

What is the purpose of a California Produce Dealers Act Surety Bond?

The California Produce Dealers Act Surety Bond complies with the provisions of the Food and Agricultural Code, and ensures that a licensee will faithfully and honestly handle farm products and pay in full for them. This bond protects the obligee (the person or entity that requires the bond) from financial harm, deceit, misrepresentation and unlawful omissions or acts on behalf of the bond principal (the person or entity that buys the bond).

California Produce Dealers Act Surety BondWhat is the bond amount?

The Department of Food and Agriculture does not maintain a prescribed amount for this bond, the department simply says the bond must be ” in a form and amount satisfactory to the director”. However, the department does qualify that the amount of the bond will be no less than $10,000 or 20% of the annual dollar volume of business based on the product value returned to the grower, whichever is greater. If the director sees fit, he or she may require the bond amount to be higher. The amount of this bond is based on a number of factors, but under no circumstances will the bond amount for the California Produce Dealers Act Surety Bond be lower than $10,000.

Where can I get a California Produce Dealers Act Surety Bond?

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