Date Published: February 28, 2024

The construction industry thrives on efficiency and reliability. Contractors constantly strive to find ways to streamline their processes and secure bonding in a simplified fashion. In this pursuit,’s FastBond program presents itself as a potential game-changer. Let’s delve into what FastBond offers and how it might benefit contractors.

Introducing FastBond:

FastBond is a program designed to simplify the performance & payment bond application process for construction contractors. It boasts three key features:

  • Reduced paperwork: Instead of the traditional, lengthy applications and financial disclosures, FastBond requires a condensed 3-page form. This simplifies the process and potentially saves contractors valuable time.FastBond: Streamlining the Bond Application Process for Contractors
    Increased limits: Unlike many credit-based programs capped at $250,000, FastBond offers single or aggregate limits of up to $1 million. This caters to a wider range of project values.
  • Credit-based underwriting: This approach focuses on the contractor’s creditworthiness as a primary factor for approval. This can be beneficial for contractors with a strong credit history.

Potential benefits for contractors:

  • Faster turnaround times: The simplified application and credit-based approach could lead to quicker approvals, allowing contractors to secure bonds and move forward with projects more efficiently.
  • Reduced costs: Streamlining the process might potentially lower overall application costs compared to traditional methods.
  • Accessibility for smaller contractors: The credit-based approach could potentially benefit smaller contractors who may not have extensive experience or a long track record in the industry.

Important considerations:

It’s crucial to remember that FastBond might not be suitable for every situation. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Credit score is critical: As creditworthiness is a primary factor, contractors with less-than-ideal credit scores might not qualify or may face higher premiums.
  • Not a replacement for traditional underwriting: While FastBond offers a faster alternative, complex projects or those with higher risk profiles might still require a more thorough traditional underwriting process.

Bond Professionals at Surety1 will find alternative solutions to those that may not qualify under this program.


FastBond presents a potentially valuable tool for contractors seeking to streamline the bond application process and potentially secure bonds faster, especially for projects under $1 million. Consulting with the surety professionals at Surety1 can be beneficial in making an informed decision about your construction bonding needs.

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