Date Published: September 20, 2023

Why do Some General Contractors Require Subcontractor Bonds? General contractors require subcontractors to provide bonds for a number of reasons, including:Why do Some General Contractors Require Subcontractor Bonds

  • To protect themselves from financial losses: If a subcontractor fails to complete their work on time or to the agreed-upon quality standards, the general contractor can file a claim against the bond to cover the costs of completing the work or repairing defects.
  • To demonstrate financial stability: A surety bond is a guarantee from a third-party that the subcontractor has the financial resources to complete the project. This can be important for general contractors when choosing subcontractors, especially for large or complex projects.
  • To comply with contract requirements: Some contracts, such as those for public works projects, may require subcontractors to obtain bonds.

There are two main types of subcontractor bonds: performance bonds and payment bonds.

  • Performance bonds: A performance bond guarantees that the subcontractor will complete the work on time and to the agreed-upon quality standards. If the subcontractor fails to do so, the surety company will step in and complete the work at the subcontractor’s expense.
  • Payment bonds: A payment bond guarantees that the subcontractor will pay their suppliers and subcontractors for all materials and labor used on the project. If the subcontractor fails to do so, the surety company will pay the suppliers and subcontractors directly.

The cost of a subcontractor bond is typically a percentage of the contract value. The specific percentage will vary depending on the type of bond, the size and complexity of the project, and the subcontractor’s financial strength.

If you are a subcontractor who is being asked to provide a bond, it is important to understand your obligations under the bond agreement. You should also carefully review the subcontract agreement to ensure that it is fair and reasonable. If you have any questions or concerns about subcontractor bonds, you should consult with a surety bond agent. is a service of AssuredPartners one of the largest and fastest growing insurance agencies in the nation. Representing over a dozen surety bond companies, is the premier  performance and payment bond experts, nationwide since 2003.

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