Date Published: October 15, 2023

Public works projects include some inherent risks not found in private construction projects. Below are some Tips for Success in Bidding on Public Works Contracts as well as identifying a few of the risks.

The the biggest risks of bidding on public works contracts to consider before deciding to bid on a public works project include:

  • Project complexity and scope: Public works projects can be very complex and involve a wide range of stakeholders, including the government, contractors, subcontractors, and the public. This complexity can lead to Tips for Success in Bidding on Public Works Contracts delays, cost overruns, and other unforeseen challenges.
  • Unforeseen site conditions: Public works projects often involve working on existing infrastructure, which can lead to unforeseen site conditions, such as buried utilities, hazardous materials, or unstable soil. These conditions can be costly and time-consuming to address.
  • Tight deadlines and budgets: Public works projects are often subject to tight deadlines and budgets, which can put pressure on contractors to cut corners or make sacrifices in quality.
  • Political risk: Public works projects can be subject to political interference, which can lead to delays, changes in scope, or even cancellation.
  • Competition: Public works projects can be highly competitive, which can drive down prices and make it difficult for contractors to make a profit.

In addition to these general risk factors, there are also a number of project-specific risks that contractors should consider before bidding on a public works project. For example, a project that involves working in a remote area or in harsh weather conditions may present additional challenges.

Contractors can mitigate these risks by carefully reviewing the bidding documents, conducting a thorough site investigation, and developing a realistic project schedule and budget. It is also important to have a team of experienced professionals in place who can manage the project risks effectively.

Here are some Tips for Success in Bidding on Public Works Contracts:

  • Get involved early in the bidding process. This will give you more time to review the bidding documents, ask questions, and conduct a site investigation.
  • Form a team of experienced professionals. This team should include representatives from all aspects of the project, including project management, engineering, construction, and legal.
  • Develop a realistic project schedule and budget. Be sure to factor in all of the potential risks and uncertainties when developing your schedule and budget.
  • Have a risk management plan in place. This plan should identify the potential risks to the project and outline strategies for mitigating those risks.
  • Communicate effectively with the client. Keep the client informed of your progress and any challenges that you are facing.

By carefully considering the risks involved and taking steps to mitigate those risks, contractors can increase their chances of success in bidding on and completing public works projects.

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