A Lis Pendens Surety Bond is a bond required by probate courts. Lis Pendens is written notice that a lawsuit has been filed that concerns a property title/real property.

The Lis Pendens Surety Bond is obtained by the defendant so they are able to sell/finance the property even though the lawsuit is still being settled in spite of the plaintiff’s Lis Pendens. A court requires this surety bond in order to guarantee the plaintiff will be satisfied if the original Lis Pendens is upheld.

This type of bond is solely based on personal credit. Our markets require that your FICO to be 650 or above. Surety1 only runs a soft inquiry on your credit, meaning that the pull will not affect your credit score.

Please note that a Lis Pendens surety bond requires that an attorney is involved with the case.



Administrator Bonds

Administrator: Principal has been appointed to handle the estate of the deceased. Learn more about administrator bonds.

Executor Bonds

Executor: Principal has been appointed through a will to handle the estate of the deceased (and you must submit a copy of the will.) Learn more about executor bonds.

Conservatorship Bonds

Conservatorship: Principal has been appointed by the courts to handle the assets of a person who has been declared unable to handle their own affairs. Learn more about conservatorship bonds.

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Guardianship: Principal has been appointed to protect the assets of a minor until they reach majority. Learn more about guardianship bonds.

Trustee Bonds

Trustee: Principal has been appointed through a trust to handle the estate of the deceased (and you must submit a copy of the trust.) Learn more about trustee bonds.


Requirements to Obtain Probate or Fiduciary Bonds

Generally, these items are required to get a probate/fiduciary bonds:

  • An application for the bond, which you can submit here at Surety1.com.
  • The court order or proposed court order, which specifies the bond amount.
  • A copy of the will or trust, if you’ll be appointed to administer another person’s estate.
  • Financial statements (for bonds over $25,000).


All 50 States

We are licensed surety experts for all 50 US states. We can get you set up with a court bond no matter what state, county, or city you live in.


How to Get Your Lis Pendens Surety Bond

  1. Complete an online application. It’s free and no-obligation.
  2. One of our surety experts will contact you with a firm quote and an agreement to sign.
  3. Provide payment and your signed agreement, and then you will receive your Surety Bond!

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