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Illinois Designated Agents Bond for Vehicle Dealer

New Mexico and Florida Motor Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond Renewals

A friendly reminder…. 
Over the next couple months, some Motor Vehicle Dealer surety bonds are due for renewal.

New Mexico
Don’t forget that on March 31, 2017, this bond is up for renewal. To pay for a renewal, go to the Surety1 renewal page.
This bond is required for:

Motorcycle dealers
Wreckers, dismantlers, and auto recyclers
Wholesalers and …


Surety Bond Lingo Explained

Surety Bond Lingo Explained

What happens when a surety bond is………
A bond is renewed: When a surety bond is approaching renewal the surety company could do one of the following:

Check your personal credit and renew with an increase or decrease in premium (depending on credit worthiness)
Ask for additional information including (financial statements or license information)
Decide not to renew your bond