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California Immigration Consultant Bond

How to Become an Immigration Consultant

california immigration consultant bond

The US Immigration process is certainly not an easy process. With all of the documentation and paperwork required, the help that Immigration Consultants can provide is crucial.  An Immigration consultant is any qualified individual who provides non-legal assistance regarding immigration. In some states, an immigration consultant is required to post an Immigration Consultant Bond. As an Immigration Consultant, you can help people get their required documents (such as birth certificates) and make referrals to legal representatives. An Immigration Attorney would be considered a legal representative. Immigration Attorneys are a viable source, and can help with legal advice, but they tend to have much higher fees.

There are a few states that have tighter restrictions on consulting. Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington have specific statutes in place to regulate the occupation. California in particular requires the completion of a disclosure form. This form states that the individual is not an attorney, nor are they authorized to give legal advice.

Any individual applying to be an Immigration Consultant In California must obtain the following:

  • A valid $100,00 Immigration Consultant Bond
  • A 2 Inch by 2 Inch Passport Photo
  • $30.00 Filing Fee
  • A Completed Immigration Consultant Disclosure form to be filed with the Secretary of State
  • A copy of a valid and current photo ID   
    • ID card or Drivers License issued by California Department of Motor Vehicles
    • A passport issued by the Department of State of the United States
    • An ID Card issued by any State other than California
    • A Driver’s License issued by any State other than California

As an immigration consultant you are able to provide help to those who need it. While you cannot provide any legal assistance, you will help decipher the form and translate the information that clients wouldn’t be able to do alone. If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing, let us help you out! Fill out the online application and receive a free quote.

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