Date Published: April 21, 2017

Any company in California that does business as an immigration consultant must file a surety bond before consulting clients. This bond must be obtained in order to file for and to receive a license. A bond must be posted as a part of the licensing process.

This surety bond protects the client that is financially and/or legally  affected  from fraud or misconduct by the immigration agent/consultant. If there is a misrepresentation of the consultant or their agent, the surety bond will protect the client.

A licensed and certified immigration consultant tells clients as well as the public that the consultant is knowledgeable of all procedures pertaining to completing and to turning in immigration documents. Responsibilities are guaranteed to be carried out legally and ethically by the consultant with this bond.

4 Steps to get this bond.

1.Fill out a free application for this bond.

2. Provide any supporting documents requested by a Surety 1 agent.

3. Pay for the bond.

4. After the bond is received, hand it in to the obligee.

Stated in CA Civil Code 24440, any persons providing immigration assistance including non-legal immigration advice is required to have a bond.

Assistance may include but is not limited to:

  • helping a client fill out state or federal immigration forms
  • referring clients to other professionals for legal advice
  • translating a client’s answers to questions on a legal form/document
  • gathering and posessing birth certificates or other legal documents for a client
  • submitting legal forms on behalf of a client to the United States Citizen and Immigration Services

The California Secretary of State requires this bond at an amount of $100,000. The price for the bond is only a small fraction of the bond amount. Credit of the applicant and the bond amount are both factors that determine the price for the bond.  The bond also needs to be in effect for a two year term.

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