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The Arizona Collection Agency Bond is a type of surety bond and is just one of the requirements to become a licensed collection agency in Arizona.  A collection agency is defined as:

  •  All persons engaged directly or indirectly in soliciting claims for collection or in collection of claims owed, due or asserted to be owed or due.
  •  Any person who, in the process of collecting debts occurring in the operation of his own business, uses any name other than his own which would indicate that a third person is collecting or attempting to collect such debts.

While the surety bond is a requirement of the Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions, the license administration and application is managed by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS).Arizona Collection Agency Bond The Collection Agency License authorizes the following activities in the state:

  • Active debt buying (undertakes direct collections on accounts)
  • First party debt collection
  • Judgement Recovery
  • Passive debt buying (does not undertake direct collections on accounts)
  • Third party debt collection

The Arizona Collection Agency Bond is just one requirement to obtain the license. A complete list of the license requirements can be found here. 

Surety Bond Amount

The amount of the required surety bond varies depending on ” all business transacted in Arizona by the licensee during the preceding year”.  All business transacted in Arizona” includes:

  1. The collection of debts from debtors who reside in Arizona, regardless of where the licensee is located.
  2. The collection of debts made from an office in Arizona, regardless of where the debtor resides.
  3. The collection of debts made on behalf of creditors who reside in Arizona, regardless of where the debtor and the collection agent reside.

For a new license, the minimum Arizona Collection Agency Bond amount is acceptable.

Revenue Amount Bond Amount
Not over $250,000   $10,000
$250,001 to $500,000   $15,000
$500,001 to $750,000   $25,000
$750,001 and over   $35,000

The applicant should verify the bond amount with the obligee before applying for the bond to ensure the bond amount is correct.

How to obtain a Arizona Collection Agency Bond

At we make it easy to obtain this surety bond. Our simple, 3 step process is:

  1. Complete the easy to navigate and secure online application(One application for all states)
  2. Review the free, no obligation quote from one of Surety1’s professional surety bond agents, usually within one business day.
  3. Sign some paperwork and pay the bond premium

Once these steps have been completed, the Arizona Collection Agency Bond will be shipped to the bond principal (license applicant) and then Upload in NMLS: under Surety Bond in the Document Uploads section of the Company Form (MU1).

1 – The name of the applicant on the surety bond application must match exactly the full legal business name of applicant for the license. is a service of AssuredPartners one of the largest and fastest growing insurance agencies in the nation. Representing over a dozen surety bond companies, is the premier online provider of surety bonds nationwide since 2003 and maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

For more information on State by state bond requirements visit our Guide to Collection Agency Bonds.

How to Get Your Arizona Collection Agency Bond

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  3. Provide payment and your signed agreement, and then you will receive your Surety Bond!

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