Date Published: January 5, 2017

Do you want to start up your own business? If so, make sure you get licensed!

3 simple steps to obtain a bond for your business:

  1. Complete our online application.
  2. One of our agents will give you a call to further discuss your application. In most cases, you will hear back in the same day as your application submission!
  3. Provide a form of payment, and you will receive your bond.

Business Service Bonds are designed for multiple types of businesses such as:

• Janitorial Service
• Pool Cleaners
• Carpet Cleaners
• Locksmiths
• Painters
• Pet Sitters
• Moving Companies

Why do businesses need to be bonded?

States require businesses to be licensed and to obtain protection by a bond. A Business Service Surety Bond strengthens a business’s position in ways such as protecting a customer from a loss, theft, or from dishonesty by the employer or employee that may occur.

As a customer, it is crucial to have peace of mind and to know that if something goes wrong, you will be protected financially and legally. Especially if employees work in customer’s personal spaces such as their homes, a bond is critical so the customer is protected. Also, getting bonded is the most cost-effective way to promote the business’s credibility to your clients.

Bonding Guides

You might find one of the following guides helpful:

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