Date Published: November 11, 2019

Unlike traditional insurance where there are two parties involved, the insured and the insurer, a Surety Bond is a legally binding contract between three parties. The obligee, the principal and the surety company. The principal is the one who needs the bond and applies for it. The obligee is the one that requires the principal to be bonded and determines the bond amount. And, the surety company who provides a financial guarantee to the obligee that the principal will fulfill their obligations ( So, who’s the fourth party?

The Surety Bond Specialist

The Fourth Party is the Surety Bond Specialist. These individuals act as Producer, Agent, or Broker.  These professionals are licensed and have specialized knowledge of surety products, surety markets and the differences in the underwriting process between surety companies. They act as an intermediator. Surety companies are staffed with underwriters and actuaries. They generally do not interact directly with thThe Fourth Party to a Surety Bonde customer. The surety bond specialist fills the gap between the two.

Companies that specialize in surety bonds, referred to as brokers, offer lower rates than traditional Property & Casualty companies. As they are typically appointed with many surety companies, brokers have access to a larger bond market. Relationships are developed with the surety companies and the customer reaps the benefits.

Finding the Right Surety Broker

The role of the broker is to provide surety bonds to the public, with the best market available. The broker receives commission from the Surety Company, but, work on behalf of the customer. Choosing a broker who has relationships with many markets, broadens the opportunities available to the customer.

When choosing an agency for your bonding needs, it’s important to find the one that is right for you. What services are important? With so many companies offering low rates, a fast turn-a-round and great customer service, how do you know who actually delivers?

Surety1 (Surety Solutions Insurance Service) delivers and more. Before the company’s start in 2003, John Page, Founder and President, worked on the surety side as Vice President at a top 10 National Surety Company. His years working on “the other side” aided him in planning how he wanted his surety bond agency to run. According to John, “our business is you don’t talk to a computer, you talk to a person”.

It’s the dedicated staff that make Surety1 a customer favorite. It’s the relationships with the surety companies that allows Surety1 to offer the lowest rates available. And, it’s the continued vision of how to run a successful surety bond agency that keeps Surety1 moving forward. Helping customer’s one bond at a time.

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