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Education Bonds Passed Throughout the U.S.

Many laws have been passed to enhance public school infrastructure across the U.S.
Rhode Island Higher Education Bonds, Question 4 (2016)
URI – $45.5 million in general obligation bonds – higher education construction projects
Question 4 requires $45.5 million for construction projects at the University of Rhode Island.  $25.5 million will be allocated towards renovation and expansion  within the College …


Top 5 Surety Bond Myths Uncovered

Surety bonds can get quite confusing. Although the fact is, many Americans don’t know a whole lot about them. Here are 5 uncovered myths to provide a better understanding about surety bonds. 
Surety bonds are not the same as insurance when it comes to risk factors, rates, and …


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How to Become a California Motor Vehicle Dealer

There are four possible license types that applicants can apply for with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV):

New/Used Auto-Commercial license
Commercial Used Auto license
Wholesale Dealer Only license
Auto Broker license

This post will focus mainly on the New/Used Commercial License and the Commercial Used Auto License. The motor vehicle dealer license only applies to the dealer, not the salespeople …


New Bond Proposed for AZ Petition Circulators

New Bond Proposed for AZ Petition Circulators

SB 1263 has been introduced to the Arizona legislature for 2013.  The law would put some teeth behind the existing regulations concerning paid petition circulators.  Paid petition circulators are firms that, for price obtain petition signatures.  As most of these companies are compensate per-signature, there is a built in incentive under the current  laws to cut corners and ignore the rules and regulations currently in place.
SB 1263 would revise the existing law pertaining …


What does the Bondability letter accomplish?

What does the Bondability letter accomplish?

The letter of bondability at best shows a perspective owner that the contractor has a relationship with the surety company. Frustrated obligees have sued sureties over the letters because they would not furnish the bond later to no avail.
The following is an excerpt from a letter:
If Contractor is the successful proposer and is required to provide performance and/or payment …