Date Published: March 27, 2017

Starting up a  business can become tricky and expensive, so it is crucial to find the correct information for a business license and to locate a surety company that will deliver excellent service.

Before a business can become licensed, a surety bond may need to be filed to ensure the business will comply with state and/or federal requirements.

  1. Access local requirements and determine if a surety bond is needed.

A business license needs to be obtained for the state as well as the city the business will operate in. Each city has a list of addresses that fall into that municipality. To figure out a particular city’s business licensing requirements, search the web with the info of the city’s name followed by business license. in most cases, a surety bond will be required first  in order to get a business license.

For example, for the city of Roseville, the words to type would be Roseville business license. The next step would be to follow the city of Roseville’s official web page for a business license.

  1. Find the business code.

The correct business code will be different for each type of business. Different codes call for a different application process. Also, every city has its own set of requirements.  The city’s business license web page will provide the particular business code needed.

  1. Seek the forms that need to be filled out.

Particular forms that need to be filled out can also be found on the city’s business license webpage.

  1. Complete the necessary forms.

Filling out the forms can either be done online or by hand and submitted to the city. Information required may be the type of business, business address, name of business owner, contact information, federal identification number, and the number of employees the business will have.

  1. File the forms and pay the filing fee.

Forms can be filed either online or through mail. The particular city’s website will provide the proper contact information for submission. Each city has its own filing fee requirements. The type of business is a factor that contributes to the filing fee.

  1. Receive the business license and follow city ordinances.

After the license has been received by the applicant, the business may begin operation. However, the city may enforce certain regulations such as displaying the license in the business location or reporting any major changes to the business application.

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