Date Published: October 11, 2019

Need Immigration Assistance in California?

In need of immigration assistance in California? Not every California Immigration Consultant is the same. While many abide by the Qualification Requirements, others do not. The Secretary of State’s Office is responsible for registering Immigration Consultants. They check that all required paperwork is filed and background checks are completed. They also ensure that applicants have the required $100,000 Surety bond.

What can a California Immigration Consultant do?Immigration Assistance in California

 Immigration Consultants are qualified to provide non-legal immigration services.

They can help:

  • Complete federal and state immigration forms (without advising on how to answer questions).
  • Translate a client’s answers to questions on federal and state forms.
  • Translate the information on the state or federal forms for the client.
  • Obtain copies of supporting documents.
  • Submit completed forms to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, if asked to by the client.
  • Refer client to appropriate legal representation.

When you don’t use a Qualified Immigration Consultant:

“In California, complaints about the unauthorized practice of immigration law doubled from December 2018 to June 2019, a spokesperson for the California State Bar told the Santa Barbara Independent.” (Gaby Del Valle, VICE News)

According to California’s Secretary of State Website, “fraud is more likely, as immigrants seek information and assistance.” CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra said “Unscrupulous immigration consultants prey on this vulnerable population across the state, stealing their hard-earned money and often jeopardizing their chances of obtaining viable forms of immigration relief.”

New Resources are here to help:

California has a created a resource page for both Immigration Consultants and Consumers seeking Immigration Consultants. Visit  to look up the Immigration Consultant’s status. With this tool, consumers can verify whether the consultant has properly registered with the state, has the required surety bond, and is complying with the law.

Become a Registered Immigration Consultant:

California needs more registered Immigration Consultants. Individuals who comply with all the stipulations required to become registered with the Secretary of State. Items required include:

  • Completed Immigration Consultant Disclosure
  • $100,000 Immigration Consultant Surety Bond
  • Satisfactorily pass background check conducted by the Secretary of State. Applicants are legally required to be fingerprinted through Live Scan.
  • Copy of valid and current photo ID
  • 2″x 2″ passport photo
  • $30 filing fee

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