Date Published: April 7, 2017

Business owners who have employees with access to valuables and/or assets need this bond. Valuables can include expensive and important company assets or access to valuables of clients. Sometimes employees may take advantage of what is available to them. In order to help protect employees in the case of fraud or theft, employees should be bonded.

It is crucial for high-risk businesses to protect the company’s assets and worth. Employees that have access to cash, equipment, or even automobiles pose a high risk to a company. Also, if employees work in or around clients’ home, they have access to valuables in the homes. Job descriptions such as plumbers, house cleaners, yard workers, or even locksmiths are all high risk. Intellectual assets and property also pose a risk. If a company depends on valuable information being kept within the company and an employee shares the information with a competitor, the business takes the financial and/or legal fall.

Benefits of this bond include financial and legal security for the business owner. The bond ensures the employee will not pose a threat to the company they are employed with. Customers of the business can also feel more comfortable hiring a company with bonded employees since that means the client is protected against misconduct of fraud from the employee. Also, this bond is excellent for a new business since a new business generally does not have a lot of worth yet, so if something does happen, the bond will financially cover any losses.

Employees must be bonded as soon as they get hired. Good candidates can be discovered during the hiring process  by having them get bonded right away since it will be more difficult for them to be bonded if they have a record. Depending on the specific type of employee theft bond, the company will not be at fault on the employee’s behalf.


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