Manufactured home/travel trailer dealer bonds

The state of Washington requires any person or entity that sells more than four mobile homes, manufactured homes, or trailers in any 12 months period to post a $30,0000 Washington Manufactured Home Dealer Bond. The bond requirement is part of the licensing to be a licensed dealer in the state. The actual bond form required by the state is the Vehicle/Vessel Dealer, Vehicle Manufacturer, Registered Tow Truck Operator, or Wrecker Business Bond. 

A Manufactured Home/Travel Trailer Dealer endorsement is required to sell the following new or used items at wholesale or retail:

  • Non-motorized mobile homes
  • Manufactured homes
  • Park trailers
  • Travel trailers

What are the state requirements for obtaining a dealer license?

Surety1 does not assist with the licensing, however, the general requirements include:

  • E‑Permits All retail vehicle dealers are required to use the E‑permits system. (Find out more about E-permits).
    • The E-permits system allows Washington licensed vehicle dealers to issue, revoke, and reprint dealer temporary permits electronically.Washington Manufactured Home Dealer Bond
  • To get a dealer license, your business must be located at a permanent enclosed commercial building.
  • Submit the required fees
  • Each owner, partner, corporate officer, and member/manager of the business must complete a Personal/Criminal
    History Statement form (BLS-700-324) in full, signed the form, and answer the two certification questions “yes”
  • Complete the Financial/Source of Funds Statement (DLR-430-206).
    • If applying as a sole proprietor or partnership, each owner or partner must submit a separate form listing all of their
      personal assets and liabilities.
    • If applying as a Corporation, LLC, or LLP, one form must be submitted to include only the assets and liabilities of the
      business entity.
  • Submit a signed and dated copy of your lease agreement with the business address clearly shown and
    the use of property and term of the lease indicated, or a copy of the tax statement if you own the property.
  • Sign the Washington Manufactured Home Dealer Bond, provided to you by Surety1.
    • Make sure the business name and city on the application exactly matches the business name and city on the bond.
  • Enclose a copy of your certification of having successfully completed at least eight (8) hours of approved dealer education

How do I apply for a Washington Manufactured Home Dealer Bond?

At Surety1 we make it simple to apply for your bond. Simple complete our easy to use, online application and usually within one business day an agent will contact you with a firm quote for the bond. Then you will complete some important paperwork, make payment and the bond will be delivered to you via UPS or USPS ground shipping. Overnight shipping is available for an additional fee.

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  3. Provide payment and your signed agreement, and then you will receive your Surety Bond!

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