The Utah Immigration Consultant Bond is required by the Utah Department of Commerce,  Consumer Protection Division. It is a $50,000 and is required as part of the registration requirements in the State. All immigration consultants are required to be registered and provide the bond with the registration application and renewal. The only exception to the license requirement is if a person is authorized to practice law in the state of Utah, or authorized by federal law to represent persons before the Board of Immigration Appeals or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

What is Considered an Immigration Consultant in Utah?

As defined by the Utah Department of Commerce, an immigration consultant is:

An Immigration Consultant means a person who provides nonlegal assistance or advice on an immigration matter, including:

  • completing a document provided by a federal or state agency, but not advising a person as to the person’s answers on the document;
  • translating a person’s answer to a question posed in a document provided by a federal or state agency;
  • securing for a person supporting documents, such as a birth certificate, that may be necessary to complete a document provided by a federal or state agency;
  • submitting a completed document on a person’s behalf and at the person’s request to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services; and
  • referring a person who could undertake legal representation activities in an immigration matter.

What does the Utah Immigration Consultant Bond Cover?

The bond is required to protect the State. Specifically the bond form reads that the Immigration Consultant will:

Comply with the provisions of all statutes and rules of Utah
law applicable to the Principal’s business, and shall indemnify the Division of Consumer
Protection and all consumers as set forth in those laws.

It is important to understand that if there is a claim on the bond, the surety will expect the principal (immigration consultant) to hold it harmless. Basically if the surety suffers a loss on the bond, it will look to the principal for reimbursement.

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