An Oregon Liquor License Bond, also known as an OLCC Surety Bond, or simply Alcohol Tax Bond, is a a type of surety bond required by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) for anyone whoOregon Liquor License Bond wants to manufacture, distribute, order, or sell spirits, wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages within the state. Oregon Liquor License Bond protects the state and the public from any financial losses that might occur due to the license holder’s actions.

The amount of the bond depends on the type of liquor license you’re applying for and your financial history. It can range from $1,000 for a brewer or winemaker to $50,000 for a business that sells all types of alcohol. The cost of the surety bond is usually between 1% and 3% of the bond amount, subject to a minimum premium and fees of $150. Surety1 will shop its many markets to procure the right price at the right terms.

How to Get an Oregon Liquor License Bond

At we make it easy to obtain this surety bond. Our simple, three step process is:

  1. Complete the easy to navigate and secure online application1
  2. Review the free, no obligation quote from one of Surety1’s professional surety bond agents, usually within one business day.
  3. Sign some paperwork and pay the bond premium

Once these steps have been completed, the Oregon Liquor License Bond will be shipped to the bond applicant.
1 -The name of the applicant on the surety bond application must match exactly the full legal business name of applicant for the license. is a service of AssuredPartners one of the largest and fastest growing insurance agencies in the nation. Representing over a dozen surety bond companies, is the premier online provider of surety bonds nationwide since 2003.

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Who needs an OLCC Surety Bond?

Anyone in Oregon who wants to manufacture, distribute, order, or sell spirits, wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages needs an Oregon Liquor License Bond. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Breweries: Whether you’re a small craft brewery or a large-scale operation, you’ll need a bond to obtain a brewery license.
  • Wineries: If you produce and sell wine in Oregon, you’ll need a winery license and a corresponding bond.
  • Distilleries: Distilling spirits requires a distillery license and, of course, a bond.
  • Wholesale distributors: Businesses that sell alcoholic beverages to retailers need a wholesale distributor license and a bond.
  • Retailers: Restaurants, bars, liquor stores, and convenience stores that sell alcohol all need retail liquor licenses and bonds.
  • Direct shippers: If you ship alcoholic beverages directly to consumers in Oregon, you’ll need a direct shipper license and a bond.

As long as you comply with all state laws and regulations related to alcohol sales, production, and distribution, you won’t have to worry about the bond. But if you violate any of these laws, the state can file a claim against the Oregon Liquor License Bond and the surety company will be responsible for paying the damages. This could include unpaid taxes, fines, or even compensation to victims of alcohol-related accidents. If the surety company pays a claim on the bond, it will seek restitution from the bond principal (licensee).




How to Get Your Oregon Liquor License Bond

  1. Complete an online application. It’s free and no-obligation.
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  3. Provide payment and your signed agreement, and then you will receive your Surety Bond!

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