The Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board Bond is required by the State of Alabama for anyone engaged in the installing of sewage disposal systems. The bond helps ensure that persons or entities will follow provisions of the laws regarding onsite sewageAlabama Onsite Wastewater Board Bond disposal systems. In no event may the minimum required bond amounts set by the board be less than fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) for a basic level license, a pumper license, a portable toilet license, or a manufacturer’s license, and thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) for an advanced level license.

What are the Requirements in Order to be Licensed by the Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board?

According to the Code of Alabama 1975, Section 34-21A, some of the minimum requirements that need to be submitted by those who wish to apply for a license are the following:

  1. The applicant must not only have business experience but also work experience in the area where the licensure was requested.
  2. The applicant must have finished the required training given by the Board, and successfully completed the examination given by the Board.
  3. A surety bond in the amount required by the Board.

You can check for other requirements, plus the application forms on the Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board website.

How Much is the Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board Bond?

Please refer to the list below for the licenses that require a $15,000 Onsite Wastewater Board Bond

  1. Basic Level License – those that install, clean, service, repair or maintain conventional onsite sewage systems.
  2. Pumper License – for those that pump both septic tanks and portable toilets
  3. Portable Toilet License – those that only operate portable toilets
  4. Manufacturer’s License – for those that manufacture plastic or concrete septic tanks

Please refer below for the licenses that require a $30,000 Onsite Wastewater Board Bond

  1. Advanced Level I and II License – those that install, clean, service, repair or maintain engineered onsite sewage systems.

How Can I get an Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board Bond?

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How to Get Your Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board Bond

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