An Ohio Deputy Registrar Bond is a type of surety bond required by the state of Ohio for individuals wishing to operate a licensed agency to conduct vehicle registrations, driver’s licenses, and other BMV services on behalf of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).  The minimum bond amount is $25,000, but the registrar can raise it based on the estimated volume of transactions handled by the agency. The cost of the surety bond isOhio Deputy Registrar Bond usually between 1% and 3% of the bond amount. Surety1 will shop its many markets to procure the right price at the right terms.

How to Get an Ohio Deputy Registrar Bond

At we make it easy to obtain this surety bond. Our simple, three step process is:

  1. Complete the easy to navigate and secure online application1
  2. Review the free, no obligation quote from one of Surety1’s professional surety bond agents, usually within one business day.
  3. Sign some paperwork and pay the bond premium

Once these steps have been completed, the Ohio Deputy Registrar Bond will be shipped to the bond applicant.
1 -The name of the applicant on the surety bond application must match exactly the full legal business name of applicant for the license. is a service of AssuredPartners one of the largest and fastest growing insurance agencies in the nation. Representing over a dozen surety bond companies, is the premier online provider of surety bonds nationwide since 2003.

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What is a Ohio Deputy Registrar?

An Ohio Deputy Registrar is an individual or entity authorized by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to operate a licensed agency and provide a variety of services on the BMV’s behalf. These services typically include:

  • Vehicle registration and titling: Processing applications for new vehicle registrations, transfers of ownership, and title changes.
  • Driver’s license and identification card issuance: Assisting customers with applying for and renewing driver’s licenses and state identification cards.
  • Other BMV services: This may include tasks like processing handicap placards, conducting vehicle inspections, and collecting taxes and fees.

Think of them as mini-BMV offices conveniently located throughout the state to make essential services more accessible to residents.

How to Become a Ohio Deputy Registrar – A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re interested in serving your community and providing essential services like driver’s license renewals and vehicle registrations, becoming an Ohio Deputy Registrar might be the perfect opportunity for you. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process:

  1. Qualify for Eligibility:
    • Be an individual or a nonprofit corporation. Partnerships, corporations, and other business associations are not eligible.
    • Meet the residency requirement: You must be a resident of Ohio for at least one year before applying.
    • Pass a background check: The BMV will conduct a thorough background check to ensure you have a clean criminal record.
    • Possess good moral character: This includes demonstrating honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct.
  1. Prepare for the Competitive Selection Process:
    • Review the Request for Proposals (RFP): The BMV releases the RFP in January each year. It outlines the application process, evaluation criteria, and contract terms. You can find the latest RFP here:
    • Develop a strong proposal: Your proposal should showcase your qualifications, experience, financial stability, and proposed service plan. Highlight your understanding of the community’s needs and how you plan to meet them.
    • Gather required documents: The RFP will list all necessary documents, such as financial statements, business plans, and letters of reference.
  1. Submit Your Application:
    • Follow the instructions in the RFP carefully. The BMV has strict deadlines and submission requirements.
    • Submit your application electronically through the BMV’s online portal.
  1. Await Selection:
    • The BMV will evaluate all proposals based on the criteria outlined in the RFP. This may involve interviews and site visits.
    • The BMV will announce the selected candidates.
  1. Secure a Ohio Deputy Registrar Bond:
    • If selected, you must obtain a surety bond to guarantee your financial responsibility. The minimum bond amount is $25,000.
  1. Complete Training:
    • The BMV will provide mandatory training for all new Deputy Registrars. This training covers BMV policies, procedures, and relevant laws.
  1. Open Your Agency:
    • Once you have met all requirements, you can open your Deputy Registrar agency. The BMV will provide you with the necessary equipment and supplies.

Additional Tips:

  • Start preparing early: The application process is competitive, so give yourself plenty of time to gather all the necessary information and develop a strong proposal.
  • Seek professional help: Consider consulting with an attorney or business advisor who specializes in the Deputy Registrar program.
  • Network with existing Deputy Registrars: They can offer valuable insights and advice about the business.

Remember, becoming an Ohio Deputy Registrar is a significant commitment. It requires a substantial investment of time, money, and effort.

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How to Get Your Ohio Deputy Registrar Bond

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