Michigan Mortgage Servicer Surety Bond

About the Michigan Mortgage Servicer Surety Bond

The Michigan Mortgage Servicer Surety bond is a $125,000 bond required by the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services. A mortgage servicer is defined as a person or entity who, directly or indirectly, services or offers to service mortgage loans.

The Office of Consumer Finance is responsible for issuing licenses and registrations to over 13,000 mortgage and consumer finance entities doing business in Michigan. The surety bond is required via Act No. 173, Public Acts of 1987 and ensures compliance witht eh laws of the State.

The Office is also responsible for supervising the licensees and registrants, as provided under these statutes, to ensure the entities operate safely, responsibly, and in accordance with applicable law.

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How to obtain a Michigan Mortgage Servicer Surety Bond

  • Complete an online application  
  • An agent will provide you with a firm quote or request additional information
  • Provide payment and required paperwork
  • receive your bond in the mail!


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