The Maine Payroll Processor Bond is required by the Superintendent of the Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection. Anyone who applies for a Payroll Processor license in the state of Maine must have this bond.

A payroll processor is someone who provides payroll processing service for one or more employers. These services include:

  • Payroll checks – prepare and file.
  • State income withholding tax reports – prepare and file.
  • State unemployment insurance contribution reports – prepare and file
  • Collect, hold and turn over to the State Tax Assessor, income withholding taxes pursuant to Title 26.13.7. Maine Payroll Processor Bond

What is the purpose of a Maine Payroll Processor Bond and how much is it?

The bond assures the state that the bondholder shall faithfully perform the duties and obligations pertaining to the business of a Payroll Processor. The bond amount is a$50,000 minimum, but, not to exceed $500,000. The actual amount is equal to the total of all local, state and federal tax payments and unemployment insurance premiums, in the 3-consecutive-month period of highest volume during the previous calendar year.

What are other Payroll Processor License Requirements?

  • Submit the application on or before January 31 each year.
  • A check made out to “Treasure, State of Maine” for your license fee.
    •  $200 if the applicant has fewer than 25 employers
    • $500 for 25-500 employers
    • $800 for more than 500 employers
  • A sample of the periodic report to employer required by Maine Law.

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