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Louisiana Motor Fuels Tax Bond

Bond Requirements and Online Application

The Louisiana Motor Fuels Tax Bond is required by the Louisiana Department of Revenue, Taxpayer Services Division, Excise Tax Section.Louisiana Motor Fuels Tax Bond

What is the purpose of a Louisiana Motor Fuels Tax Bond?

The bond guarantees that the bondholder will pay all taxes, penalties, interest, and cost levied by, accrued, or accruing under said Acts to the Secretary. Surety1 can get this bond approved right away with just a filled out application online!.

Those who need to pay the bond include terminal operators, suppliers, permissive suppliers, importers, exporters, distributors, blenders,  and interstate motor fuel users.

What is the bond amount that must be paid?

Please refer to the table below for the specific bond amount.

Minimum Bond requirements

Terminal Operator

$1,000,000 bond


$50,000 bond

Permissive Supplier

$50,000 bond


$20,000 bond


$20,000 bond


$20,000 bond


$20,000 bond

Interstate motor fuel user

                     $20,000 bond

if not IFTA licensee

Motor fuel transporter

$0 bond

Aviation fuel dealer

$0 bond

Why should I choose Surety1 for my Louisiana Motor Fuels Tax Bond?

Surety1 makes it easy to get a Louisiana Motor Fuels Tax Bond. You get a fast approval and all you have to do is fill out our easy to navigate, free online application form which will only take you a few minutes to answer. Once that is submitted, expect a call from one of our surety agents who will give a quote for your bond.

Once you decide to move forward with Surety1, all you have to do is pay the bond premium and sign the important paperwork. We will then send you your bond via USPS Priority Mail. You can also receive it through overnight delivery, with an additional cost.

Surety1 guarantees a fast and reliable service. We are proud to maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We are licensed in all 50 states.






How to Get Your Louisiana Motor Fuels Tax Bond

1. Complete an online application. It's free and no-obligation. 2. One of our surety experts will contact you with a firm quote and an agreement to sign. 3. Provide payment and your signed agreement, and then you will receive your Louisiana Motor Fuels Tax Bond!   If you have any questions, please call us at 877-654-2327.
1. Apply Online Using our Free & Secure Application 2. Get Your Free Quote Applications are No-Obligation 3. Get Your Bond Most Bonds are Approved in 1-2 Business Days