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Indiana Debt Management Bond

Bond Requirements and Online Application

The Indiana Debt Management Bond  is required by the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions.

Who is required to have this license?

Indiana Debt Management BondAny debt management company that is doing business as a budget counseling, credit counseling, debt management, or debt pooling service or holds the person out, by words of similar import, as providing services to debtors in the management of their debts, and having a written agreement with the debtor to disburse money or anything of value. In order to secure the required license, you will need to provide an Indiana Debt Management Bond. The bond is filed by the surety through the NMLS.  If you ae looking for information on a Indiana Credit Services Bond, click here.  You do not need this license if you are:

  •  An attorney at law authorized to practice in Indiana or persons under the supervision and control of an attorney at law authorized to practice in Indiana to the extent the attorney’s debt
    management services are incidental to the attorney’s practice of law.
  • A depository financial institution.
  • A third-party bill paying service with which the customer contracts solely for the customer’s convenience of paying routine bills, in an arrangement in which the customer retains full control
    over all funds deposited.

The following is only a partial list of the pre-requisites to obtain a license:

  •  Net worth – $100,000, Liquid Assets-$50,000, verified via a CPA audit level financial statement that is not more than 12 months old
  •  Initial Indiana Debt Management Bond for a new applicant in the amount of  $50,000; or The greater of $50,000 or the average highest daily balance of funds held in trust for Indiana
    residents for each month during the licensee’s most recently concluded fiscal year, not to exceed $100,000. This option is not required until the first renewal.
  • Criminal background check – Each owner (sole proprietorship), partner (partnership), or officer (corporation) as well as the manager for an Indiana location and any employees or agents
    authorized to initiate transactions involving the trust account, must provide the DFI a nationwide criminal background check.
  • Experience – Anyone who will be managing an Indiana location must demonstrate two years of finance related experience.
  • Trust Account – A trust account must be maintained for the specific benefit of the debt management company’s Indiana contract debtors and be used only to hold the money of one or
    more Indiana contract debtors for disbursement to the creditors of the Indiana contract debtors.

How Do I apply for a Indiana Debt Management Bond?

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How to Get Your Indiana Debt Management Bond

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