The Georgia Scrap Tire Carrier Bond is required by the Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division in order to get a Scrap Tire Carrier Permit in this state.

A scrap tire carrier is any person engaged in picking up or transporting scrap tires for the purpose of removal to a scrap tire processor, end user, or disposal facility. According to the Georgia Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act, no person is allowed to operate as a scrap tire carrier unless they have a permit that has been issued by the Environmental Protection Division (EPD).

How do I get a permit to be a scrap tire carrier in Georgia?

Georgia Scrap Tire Carrier BondTo get this permit from the Georgia EPD, an application must be submitted along with a form of financial assurance. This can be in the form of a Georgia Scrap Tire Carrier Bond.

The bond amount will need to be $10,000 for carriers transporting less than 5,000 tires and $20,000 for carriers transporting 5,000 tires or more. Please note the cost to obtain the bond will only be a small percentage of the bond amount! Apply with Surety1 to get a free, no-obligation quote for this price!

The bond is required to ensure the permit holder operates in accordance with the Georgia Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act. If the permit holder fails to operate lawfully, a claim can be made on their bond. If settled, the surety company (the company that issues the bond) will pay out the claim, but the permit holder must repay the surety company for these losses.

These permit application requirements can be found on the Georgia EPD website.

Where can I get a Georgia Scrap Tire Carrier Bond?

To get this bond, all you need to do is submit our quick online application! One of our licensed agents will follow up within one business day with a free, no-obligation quote for the price to obtain this bond. If you decide to move forward, we would ship you your bond after you remit the payment and sign any necessary forms.

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