The Florida Citrus Fruit Dealer’s Bond is required by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Fruit and Vegetables. The bond is required to ensure the dealer follows all of the regulations set forth by the State of Florida professionally and ethically.

How can I get a Citrus Fruit Dealer’s License?

A citrus fruit dealer license is required for anyone who attempts to make profit off of Florida citrus (other than by selling FL citrus directly to the consumer and not for resale). Dealers of non-citrus fruits have a separate license, a Florida Agricultural Products Dealer License.

In addition to the Florida Citrus Fruit Dealer’s License Application, the applicant must submit the following to the Florida Department of Citrus:

Florida Citrus Fruit Dealer's Bond

For more information regarding this licensing process, please visit the FDACS website as well as the Florida Department of Citrus’ website.

What are the requirements of a Florida Citrus Fruit Dealer’s Bond?

The bond amount for this particular bond will depend on the amount of boxes the dealer handles annually. The bond amount starts at $1,000 if the dealer handles 2,000 boxes, up to $100,000 if the dealer handles over 1,800,000 boxes of citrus products. Please see the bond form and instructions for specific bond amounts.

This bond also has a set effective and renewal date of August 1st.

Where can I get a Florida Citrus Fruit Dealer’s Bond?

To obtain one or more of the bonds required for citrus fruit dealers, simply fill out our free online application (please submit a separate application for each bond type). Within one business day of your submission, one of our licensed agents will contact you with a firm quote for the price to obtain your bond(s). Once any necessary paperwork is signed and your premium payment is processed, your agent will ship your bond(s) via USPS Priority Mail (overnight shipping options are also available).

What happens at renewal?

As this bond has a set expiration date of July 31st, you will need to renew your bond if you want to maintain your license. Approximately two months prior to this expiration, our renewal agents will send you an invoice to renew your bond. Once the renewal payment is processed we will send you a Renewal Bond (same bond but with new dates) to submit to the state.

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How to Get Your Florida Citrus Fruit Dealer’s Bond

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