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The Illinois Drainlayers Bond is required by the City of Chicago, Department of Water Management in the amount of $50,000. The bond is in place to help ensure that you are faithfully observing and performing all the ordinances of the state of Chicago. The bond has a mandatory expiration date of 12/31 each year.

Prior to any sewer work is done the city of Chicago requires a permit for the construction, repair, adjustment, sewer rodding or cleaning of any subsurface structure designed to collect or to transport storm or sanitary wastewater. These permits are received through the Department of Buildings – Sewer Permit Section. Only licensed and bonded drainlayers may obtain the said permit.

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How do I get licensed as a drainlayer in Chicago?

The following documentation must be submitted to the City of Chicago, Department of Buildings:

  • Completed Drainlayer Application Form:
  • Certificate of Insurance with a minimum of $300,000 for general commercial liability.
  • Company check in the amount of $125 for the application fee.
  • A completed Department of Water Management Indebtedness Inquiry.
  • Copies of plumbing license, general contractor license
  • Copies of a Department of transportation Public Way Work license
  • Letter stating that the licensee is the owner or an employee of the company.
  • A notarized Applicant Agreement and Representation Form.
  • A sealed and notarized surety bond amounting to $50,000.

Where can I get a Drainlayers Bond?

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