The Arizona Fireworks Surety Bond is required to be in the bond amount of $1,000 and is easily written. All we need is a completed application and we are able to write this bond in most cases for just $125. The bond is required to help guarantee that you observe, carry out, perform, and comply with all the requirements of  your Obligee when contracted for a fireworks display.

What is the purpose of the Arizona Fireworks Surety Bond?

Fireworks are any combustible or explosive composition, substance, etc produced for the purpose of showing a visible or audible Arizona Fireworks Surety Bondeffect by combustion, explosion, deflagration,  or detonation.  According to the Arizona Revised Statutes, it is illegal to sell, offer use, explode or even possess fireworks in the state. But a permit may be given to those who wish to have a public display of fireworks. This permit must be submitted not less than five days before the date of the fireworks display, and it is very important that it will be handled by people who are competent enough.

This permit must be accompanied by a surety bond. There is no set amount for the bond, but ARS 36-1604 states that it should not be less than $500. This bond ensures that state that should there be any damages caused to a person or property due to the fireworks display, the principal, which is you, will compensate those who are affected.

Where can I get an Arizona Fireworks Surety Bond?

It’s essential that you obtain your surety bond from a company that is licensed to conduct business in the state. Surety Solutions Insurance Services, Inc has been issuing surety bonds not only for Arizona but all other states since 2003. We have also been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

The process of getting the bond is not difficult. Simply complete our easy online application form, and within one business day, one of our surety experts will contact you and give you a firm quote.  Just pay the necessary fee then sign some paperwork and your Arizona Fireworks Surety Bond will be mailed to you soon after.





How to Get Your Arizona Fireworks Surety Bond

  1. Complete an online application. It’s free and no-obligation.
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  3. Provide payment and your signed agreement, and then you will receive your Surety Bond!

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