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Surety Bonds Save Tax Payers Again

Edge Development, a General Contractor based in Temecula CA, shuts its doors after 23 years in business.  The company had several public works projects underway.  Thankfully, the law requires contractors on public works projects to provide performance and payment surety bonds.  As a result, the surety has already stepped in, all the sub contractors and suppliers will be paid and the jobs completed at no addtional cost to the tax payers.

See the newspaper article here

Many contractors do not like the surety bond requirements.  Some feel that the surety requirement prevents them from participating in public works projects.  Fact is, that is absolutely true, the surety bond requirement does prevent contractors that are not qualified, either financially or  lack of experience, to participate in public works projects.  For a very minimal fee, the surety company prequalifies contractors and financially backs  that prequalification process, saving the tax payers money time and time again.




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Authored by John T. Page, founder and president of Surety Solutions Insurance Services, Inc. (Surety1.com). John started his surety career in 1987 and opened Surety1 in 2003. Surety1 is the nation's premier surety bond only, independent insurance agency.

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Faye Parker / December 10, 2012

I am interested in opening up a small business with a few employees how do I get bonded and insured. Any help appreciated.

    admin / December 13, 2012

    how many employees and what type of business? Do you just want to be able to say you are bonded or is there a bond requirement?

Abraham Simmons / January 6, 2015

Hello I'm a Private Investigator licensed by the State of New York. They have a requirement that all investigators have a surety bond for $10,000. Mine is about to expire and I'm shopping around for the best price. Can you advise me about your rates. Thank you in advance.

    John Page / February 4, 2015

    $250 for three years

Samuel Digati / September 7, 2015

getting contractor's license in Oregon. General limited liability company. Not sure how big of a surety bond I need maybe a million dollars? not sure. What will this cost me? no employees.Ever!