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How to Become a License and Tag Agent

In Louisiana, tag agents possess authority from the municipality to provide auto tag and registration services.

The Department of Public Safety governs the Office of Motor Vehicles to designate tag agents. The state provides jurisdiction to agents, such as:

  • Collecting registration license sales and taxes,
  • Issuing vehicle registration and license plates,
  • Processing applications for certificates of title,
  • & Recording liens, mortgages, or social security interests pertaining to motor vehicles.

Requirements for becoming a Tag Agent include entering into a contract with the Louisiana State Commissioner.

The contract must specify what duties that agent is allowed to perform under the authority of Louisiana. Not all agents may be allowed to perform every duty listed above. Those seeking to perform auto services under a government entity must seek a contract with the Office of Motor Vehicles Commissioner. To get started on becoming an agent, applications to enter into contract may be found at local Louisiana Offices of Motor Vehicles.

The most important step to finalize a contract with the Commissioner is obtaining a surety bond in the amount of $100,000. Surety1 offers competitive premiums for applicants. For those with a good credit background, premium would be 1% of the bond amount. Apply for a surety bond to become a tag agent.

Additional Benefits and Networking: Louisiana Public Tag Association

The LPTC is a network that organizes agents for membership. Once a member of LPTC, the association offers business benefits like Health Insurance at group rates. Click here to become a member.

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