When the Veterans Administration (VA) decides that payments will be made to a legal custodian, a surety bond will be required. The VA determines the amount of the bond. VA field examiner will :

  • Enter, on the face of VA Form 21-4703, the amount to be saved from accrued and monthly benefits for each beneficiary and the beginning date
  • Inform the legal custodian of the provisions of 38 CFR 13.103 (Investments by Legal Custodians)
  • Instructs the custodian that separate accounts are to be maintained for each minor, and
  • Requires a corporate surety bond from the custodian, and obtains a certified copy of the bond signed by the legal custodian and the authorized agent of the surety.

To obtain a VA Custodian bond simply apply on line (takes about 5 minutes) and fax or upload the document assigning the fiduciary.