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New York Nail Salon Wage Bond

The New York Department of State requires  all nail salons to file a New York Wage Bond. On October 6, 2015, Governor Cuomo ordered this surety bond to be required after  an investigation on widespread and ongoing abuse and mistreatment within the nail salon industry. All nail salon owners must obtain a NY Wage Bond.

Bond Requirements. 
There are …


Virginia Home Contract Service Providers Face New Requirements

Starting on January 1, 2018, Virginia Home Contract Service Providers face new requirements passed by House Bill 1542.
People who provide services including repair, replacement, and/or maintenance are referred to as Home Contract Service Providers. These home service contracts are made in order for work to be done on property. Examples of service can be fixing roofs from extreme weather or electrical damage …


5 Proven Ways To Get More Surety Credit

Growing a construction firm is not easy. A lack of surety credit is a constraint to growth.  
Virtually all public works and private projects require performance and payment bonds; a strong bonding relationship is essential for success and profit. Having the opportunity, man-power, and financial resources may not be enough. Chances are, your prosperity will depend on your bonding company. The following …


H2A Farm Labor Contractor Guide

What is a Federal Farm Labor Contractor?
A farm labor contractor is one who employs workers to maintain farmland for profit. If one finds himself/herself: Recruiting, Soliciting, Employing, Supplying, Transporting, or Hiring farm laborers, he/she will need to be bonded.
Farm laborers are sometimes migrant workers, but that does not mean that a contractor may take an unfair …


Freight Broker Bonds, Explained

Freight Broker Bonds, Explained

What is a Freight Broker and What Do They Do?
A freight broker assumes the role of the middlemen between buyers and sellers. Freight brokers can be either a company or an individual that pairs shippers with the appropriate transportation services in order to effectively move goods.  Freight brokers are the responsible party for finding someone to transport the goods for the …


Environmental Bonds for Contractors

What are Environmental Bonds?
Environmental bonds help contractors meet federal regulations. They ensure remediation projects and hazardous materials are fully covered within the bond and that the bond is in line with federal standards. and allow contractors to do projects that may be potentially harmful to the environment and that harm could become a liability. The risk management for environmental contractors can be …


Court Bonds, Explained

What is a Court Bond?
Court bonds can come in many different forms and they serve a multitude of different purposes.  “Court bond” is an umbrella term that can encompass many different words, phrases and bonds pertaining to the court system.  Essentially, court bonds are a type of surety bond that might be required during court proceedings.  This includes the Administrator …


Getting a North Carolina Motor Vehicle Dealer License

Getting a North Carolina Motor Vehicle Dealer License

How to Get a North Carolina Motor Vehicle Dealer License
Motor vehicle dealers in the state of North Carolina must have a license in order to operate their business.   There are five different kinds of North Carolina Motor Vehicle Dealer Licenses.  Applicant can apply for a dealer license, wholesale dealer license, factory branch license, distributor license, or manufacturer dealer …


CalTrans Emergency Tree Cutting Contracts

Unlike the rest of California, the California Department of Transportation’s (CalTrans) fiscal years ends on July 31st. As this date nears, CalTrans will be looking to spend any money they haven’t already spent in their budget. One of the ways CalTrans can spend unused budget money is by offering extra contracts for the emergency removal of dead trees near power lines, freeways, highways, …


Idaho Indemnity Bond for Investment Advisers

Indemnity Agreements, Explained: Part 2 – General Indemnity Agreements

This is Part 2 of our two-part post on indemnity agreements. Catch up with with Part 1 here.
General Indemnity Agreements, Explained
In the simplest of terms, General Indemnity Agreements are a type of indemnity agreement that expands the rights of surety companies. Surety companies make customers sign them before bonding in order to ensure that they will be paid back if there …