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Surety Bond 101 – The Bond Form

Why Do They Keep Asking Me For A Bond Form?

Chances are, if  you have applied for a bond you may have been asked to supply a bond form. You might have thought “What the heck is a bond form, and why do they keep asking me for one?”

There are thousands of different types of Surety Bonds and almost every bond requires a different type of form.  The bond form is the actual verbiage required by the obligee (party requiring the bond).  The wording is very specific, and the same type of surety bond can have vastly different wording from one State to the next. The answer to the former is this: a bond form is the form that the bond is written on. It is typically provided by the obligee (the agency requiring the bond).

So the answer to the question, why Do They Keep Asking Me For A Bond Form? Is: there are over a thousand different obligees, and every obligee has its own requirements for their bonds.  Each surety bond form lays out the specific obligations of the bond and the principal, and because there are in existence so many different bond forms, we want to make sure that your obligee receives the correct form (if it’s not the correct form, they will reject the bond, and you as a principal did not go through ALL the trouble of getting a bond just to have it rejected!). The best way to ensure that your obligee receives the correct form is to…well, get it from them! They can’t reject something that they specifically gave to you, right?

Our best advice to you would be this: before applying for your bond, ask someone at the agency requiring your bond if they have a bond form to provide to the surety company. That way, you can be assured that lack of a bond from will not delay your application.

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