3 Steps to Obtain a Business Service Surety Bond

Do you want to start up your own business? If so, make sure you get licensed!

General Indemnity Agreement

3 Simple steps to obtain a bond for your business:

  1. Complete our online application which can be found at this link.
  2. One of our agents will give you a call to further discuss your application. In most cases, you will hear back in the same day as your application submission!
  3. Provide a form of payment, and you will receive your bond.


Business Service Bonds are designed for multiple types of businesses such as:

• Janitorial Service
• Pool Cleaning
• Carpet Cleaning
• Locksmiths
• Painters
• Pet Sitters
• Moving Companies

Why do businesses need to be bonded?

States require businesses to be licensed and to obtain protection by a bond.  A Business Service Surety Bond strengthens a business’s position in ways such as  protecting a customer from a loss, theft, or from dishonesty by the employer or employee that may occur.  As a customer, it is crucial to have a piece of mind and to know that if something goes wrong, they will be protected financially and legally. Especially if employees work in customer’s personal spaces such as their homes, a bond is critical so the customer is protected.  Also, getting bonded is the most cost-effective way to promote the business’s credibility to their clients. Each state contains different laws, so take a look at our page here  to get informed on what each state requires.

The amount to get a Surety1 bond ranges anywhere between $5,000 and $100,000. To be bonded for a year, prices start at $100. For further assistance, contact us online https://surety1.com/ or call us at  1-877-654-2327.





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