Education Bonds Passed Throughout the U.S.

Many laws have been passed to enhance  public school infrastructure across the U.S.   Rhode Island Higher Education Bonds, Question 4 (2016) URI – $45.5 million in general obligation bonds – higher education construction projects Question 4 requires $45.5 million for construction […]

Licensing for Student Loan Servicers

National student debt currently reaches over $1.2 trillion. In California, the debt has reached 4.2 million student loan borrowers, leading to $1.2 billion in debt. Requirements for student loan servicers. According to the Student Loan Servicing Act (Assembly Bill 2251), California […]

Top 5 Surety Bond Myths Uncovered

Surety bonds can get quite confusing. Although the fact is, many Americans don’t know a whole lot about them. Here are 5 uncovered myths to provide a better understanding about surety bonds.  MYTH #1 SURETY BONDS AND INSURANCE ARE THE […]

IRS Certification

The IRS’ Push for CPEO Certification for PEOs

In 2014, the Tax Increase Prevention Act passed, requiring the IRS to create a voluntary certification program (CPEO)  for PEOs or companies that supply human resource benefits for their client’s workers.  The result of this act is an increase in the PEO’s  responsibility for complying […]

Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

What is Trump’s Plan? President-elect  Donald Trump proposes to rebuild America’s infrastructure by creating and fixing bridges, roads, ports, and other public projects using an investment plan of $1 trillion. If Trump’s plan gets approval from Congress, millions more contractors  will be […]

Michigan Mortgage Broker Requirements

Becoming a Mortgage Broker in Michigan doesn’t have to be intimidating. There are many resources to help you get started, and your bonding company can guide you through the process. The first (and most important) step to becoming a Mortgage […]

Public Official Applicants Face New Requirement

 It has become increasingly important to hold public figures accountable for the work they perform, especially if their work effects the lives of everyday Americans. More states are beginning to impose responsibility on officials like: City municipality administrators, State government commissioners, Treasurers,  […]

5 Proven Ways To Get More Surety Credit

Growing a construction firm is not easy. A lack of surety credit is a constraint to growth.   Virtually all public works and private projects require performance and payment bonds;  a strong bonding relationship is esessential for success and profit. Having the […]

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