Temporary Restraining Order Surety Bond

A temporary restraining order (TRO) is a short-term court order a judge issues which prohibits an individual from being in contact with someone. These court orders usually last for a short period of time involving cases such as child abuse, harassment, or domestic […]

WA Agricultural Products Dealer Bond in Only 4 Steps!

A Washington Agricultural Products Dealer Bond is required for any business planning on producing, selling, and handling agriculture.  The Washington State Department of Agriculture requires this bond in order for agricultural dealers to work legally  in Washington. The bond amount depends on […]

6 New Maryland Bond Forms

Each of these surety bonds aim to protect the clients of the holders of professional licenses. Surety bonds are a written agreement expressing certain legal standards will be met. Last year Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation implemented 6 new bond forms […]

$1M Conviction for Virginia Attorney

An attorney from McLean Virginia has recently been convicted of defrauding a construction company in Laurel County Kentucky. The construction company called Elza Construction LLC had relation with a planned project to build a “green recycling center”.  Unfortunately, Elza Construction LLC lost $1.32 […]

Notary Surety Bond

  The main function of a notary public is to invest their power to witness a signature, administer oaths and administrations, as well as a few other tasks. Some common documents that need a notary to witness a signature can be for […]

School Choice Programs Surety Bonds

    Over the past year, K-12 school choice programs across the United States have been required to have a surety bond.  Some states include Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. Regulations regarding school choice programs have been created and revised. The surety bond for […]

BMC-85 and BMC-84 Surety Bonds

  Why are Freight Broker surety bonds required?  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires freight brokers and forwarders to have a freight broker surety bond. A surety bond is an agreement between 3 participants- the principle, the obligee, […]

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