A Guide to Parking Lot Tax Bond

Businesses that engage in operating parking lots are required to get a parking lot tax bond. The bond ensures that loss from theft, damage, and taking of a vehicle that is in custody of the parking lot owner/operator will be […]

A Car Wash Surety Bond Explained

Employees benefit from this bond.  Car washes need to be bonded with a car wash surety bond in order to comply with state, city, or county laws and regulations. Employees benefit from this bond since it protects employees from their employers […]

Advance Payment Contract Bond

A contractor provides this type of bond which guarantees that the contractor will repay or settle the cash paid in advance by the owner of the contract. An advance payment  surety bond assures the owner of the contract the contractor […]

What is a health club surety bond?

In many states, health clubs must be bonded. This type of bond protects customers of the health club. Protection includes the fees paid for a membership will be repaid if the gym shuts down. If the gym shuts down, the bond […]

Arizona & Washington Aircraft Dealer Bonds

The Arizona Department of Transportation requires all aircraft dealers to file a $10,000 surety bond, and the State of Washington requires a $25, 000 surety bond. These bonds are necessary in order to comply with local, state, and federal licensing […]

A Guide For Employee Theft Bonds

Business owners who have employees with access to valuables and/or assets need this bond. Valuables can include expensive and important company assets or access to valuables of clients. Sometimes employees may take advantage of what is available to them. In […]

Employment Agency Surety Bond

An employment agency bond guarantees the agency will provide legal and honest service on behalf of their clients. The bond safeguards state agencies and and agency clients. A bonded employment agency means the agency is trustworthy and legal to be […]

Surety Bond for Driving Schools

Required by each state the driving school is located in, this type of surety bond can be known by several different terms such as a driver education or improvement bond. The surety bond guarantees the driving school will conduct ethical […]

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