Historical Significance of Surety Bonds

Surety bonds have been around for some time, and have taken many different forms. Surety bonds written on stone tablets throughout history have been discovered. It is fascinating to know that long before present day, people were already conducting business according to […]

Probate/Fiduciary Surety Bonds Explained

Fiduciary / Probate Both these bonds are broad terms that refer to an individual that is appointed to care for someone else in need. The surety bond ensures an individual will fulfill the court’s requirements such as managing an estate, […]

Marijuana License Surety Bonds

Currently, Washington D.C. along with 28 states allow medical marijuana prescriptions to be written for certain medical conditions. Surety bonds are being used for states to be able to regulate the medical marijuana industry. Businesses need to acquire this bond before they are legally allowed […]

Sales & Use Tax Bonds Explained

Most states across the U.S. require a sales use and tax bond. This particular bond ensures the business will pay their state taxes on time. Businesses that do retail sales, leases, and rent goods need this bond. The bond also […]

What is a Tax Collector Surety Bond?

Individuals that collect taxes for municipalities and other government agencies need a Tax Collector Surety Bond which is a legally binding contract. It ensures the collector conducts business for the public ethically. Some states including Mississippi, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. […]

Temporary Restraining Order Surety Bond

A temporary restraining order (TRO) is a short-term court order a judge issues which prohibits an individual from being in contact with someone. These court orders usually last for a short period of time involving cases such as child abuse, harassment, or domestic […]

WA Agricultural Products Dealer Bond in Only 4 Steps!

A Washington Agricultural Products Dealer Bond is required for any business planning on producing, selling, and handling agriculture.  The Washington State Department of Agriculture requires this bond in order for agricultural dealers to work legally  in Washington. The bond amount depends on […]

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