Become a Contractor in North Carolina

  Contractor in North Carolina? To get started on your contractor license, you must evaluate the type of work you perform: If you are an independent contractor, you may request a license packet to be sent from the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors. The […]

How to Become a License and Tag Agent

In Louisiana, Tag Agents Possess Authority from Municipality to Provide Auto Tag and Registration Services.   The Department of Public Safety  governs the Office of Motor Vehicles to designate Tag agents. The state provides jurisdiction to agents, such as: Collecting registration license sales and […]

For Contractors: an LLC Guide

How to Turn your Contract Work into an LLC An LLC is defined as a Limited Liability Company, which is a term used to describe the nature of a joint proprietorship without the liability of operating a full-on corporation. In this […]

California Finance Lender & Broker Guide

Steps to Becoming a California Finance Lender or Broker Brokering consumer or commercial loans affects the economy and lives of Californians, and therefore requires regulation. The State of California   states the steps which must be taken to conduct business ethically […]

Oregon Contractor’s License

Getting a Contractor’s License in Oregon: A Guide.   Contractor Regulations in Oregon: Anyone working in the construction industry profiting from improvements on real property need to be licensed with the Construction Contractors Board. The steps outlined on the CCB website provide […]

H2A Farm Labor Contractor Guide

What is a Federal Farm Labor Contractor? A farm labor contractor is one who employs workers to maintain farmland for profit. If one finds himself/herself: Recruiting, Soliciting, Employing, Supplying, Transporting, or Hiring farm laborers, he/she will need to be bonded. […]

Pennsylvania Title Agent License

Congratulations on choosing to become a Title Insurance Agent in Pennsylvania! You may get started on attaining your license by submitting an application with the state of PA here: Pennsylvania State Website. Next, register for the exam using PSI Testing Website for the […]

Bonding: Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission

Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission Surety Bonds: A Guide Sellers of alcoholic beverages need to be bonded to do business in Texas. There are three different types of bonds for alcohol retailers, which ones does your business need? First comes a […]

Louisiana Motor Vehicle Dealer Guide

What Are the Steps For Opening & Operating a Motor Vehicle Dealership in Louisiana?   You will need to submit the Louisiana application found on the Motor Vehicle Commission website. That application may be found here. Once your license application is […]

Nevada Document Preparation

Why You Need a Document Preparation Bond in Nevada       Who Needs A Document Preparation Bond? Businesses or individuals who profit from preparing clients’ legal documents need to register with the Nevada Secretary of State. You will find the wording […]

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