Texas Motor Vehicle Dealer License

Step by Step, How to Apply For a Motor Vehicle Dealer License in the State of Texas When starting a career as a motor vehicle dealer, applying for a license may sound daunting. Luckily, the process can be broken down […]

The History of Paved Roads In America Part 2

The History of Paved Roads In America Part 2 – Eisenhower’s Effect on the American Interstate Highways 1953—Eisenhower takes office President Dwight D. Eisenhower came into office in 1953. Before this, he was a commanding general for the United States […]

Performance and Payment Bonds for E-Rate Contracts

If you are a company that does business in the public arena for school districts, you are probably familiar with the E-rate program. This program, also called The Schools and Libraries program was implemented to make telecommunications and information services more […]

Surety1 Talks Bonds at Hawaii Trade Show

Surety1 flew over to Hawaii to visit clients and participate in Douglass Trade show’s annual conference, the Hawaii Building, Facilities & Property Management Exposition on April 9 and 10.  The convention was targeted at private building owners and managers to meet with vendors about […]

What is an 8a Contractor?

Explaining what the 8a program is, requirements to become an contractor within the program and how to obtain bonding as an 8a construction contractor. In 2014, the the U.S. federal government spent over $14 billion on contracting. The Small Business […]

What is a Work in Progress Schedule?

Work in Progress Schedule Explained The underwriting process for performance bonds can be a bit of a mystery. A growing contractor will inevitably grow out of the basic underwriting program of its surety and find it needs to increase bond capacity. […]

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