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How to obtain a surety bond for a lost, or missing title for motor vehicles and trailers

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Bond for lost car titles

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A bond for lost car titles is a type of surety bond that is fairly easy to obtain. The bond is sometimes referred to as a Defective Title Bond or Motor Vehicle Ownership Surety Bond.  The bond protects the state if the missing title was fraudulently reproduced.  Some states do not have a bond requirement and often different states have different requirements. Below is a summary of the steps necessary to obtain a bonded title for a car, or other motor vehicle:

Step 1: Contact your State’s Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Make sure that a surety bond is required by your state’s DMV. In some states, you aren’t required to post a bond to obtain a duplicate title. However, other states will not issue a duplicate title even with a bond.
  • Get your bond amount from your state’s DMV. Some states dictate the bond amount. Other states base the bond amount on the “Bluebook” value, or as a multiple of the vehicle’s value. For instance, in Alabama, the DMV will give you a bond form with the amount completed. This bond form must be submitted with your application for the bond.

After you have contacted your State’s DMV, then

Step 2: Apply for your bond for lost car titles bond for lost car titles

  • You will need the VIN number of the vehicle.
  • Make sure all the information entered is correct to avoid a change rider fee.
  • For bonds up to a $7,500 bond amount, premium + fees will be $150.00 or less.
  • For bond amounts in excess of $7,500, an agent will provide a firm quote for the bond.

Step 3: Submit your bond to your state’s DMV

  • Turn the original bond that has a raised seal and wet signature into your State’s DMV.

A surety bond for a lost car title is a one-time fee, it does not renew. Surety1 will not write bonds for vehicles with salvage titles, or for vehicles in Texas that have a lien listed on the title.

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