The Arizona Electronic Records Access Surety Bond is required by the Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division. The bond is in place to help ensure that you will faithfully and promptly discharge its obligations for payment to the MVD for certain motor vehicle records.

What is the purpose of the Arizona Electronic Records Access Surety Bond?

For those people who would like to purchase electronically transmitted motor vehicle records as specified in the Arizona Revised Statutes Title 28, Chapter 2, Article 5 , you should first get a surety bond in order to be allowed to purchase.

This bond is not to protect you, but instead, it assures the state that you will faithfully comply with your obligations to make the monthly payment for the sais electronic records. If you fail to comply with the rules and regulations set by the state, the surety company will payout and then you will pay it all back to the company.

Make sure that you are getting a surety company that is licensed to operate their business in Arizona. There is no set amount for the surety bond, as it varies depending on the situation of the one who is applying for the access to the electronic records.

What is the Electronic Records Access Surety Bond amount?

The bond amount is based on the the three times the estimated billing amount of the largest anticipated month. For instance, assume you are pulling 200 records in your biggest month at $6.00 per record, then the bond amount would be $1,200 times 3 months or $3,600.00.

Where can I get an Arizona Electronic Records Access Surety Bond?

Getting an Arizona Electronic Records Surety Bond is easy. For most applicants, this bond will be issued without pulling credit. Simply complete our easy to

Arizona Electronic Records Surety Bond

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navigate, online application one of our licensed agents will contact you within one business day with a firm quote. Then you will sign some paperwork, make the payment and your bond will be mailed to you soon after. Overnight delivery is available. Representing over a dozen surety markets, Surety1 can get you the bond you need at a competitive price.

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