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Get contracts before Gov FYE

September 30th represents the end of the fiscal year for the government. This is when the government looks at how much money they have left and what else they can acquire with their remaining funds during the fourth quarter. This translates into a great opportunity for contractors to swoop in there and grab a bunch of government contracts.

The following are tips to help you acquire government contracts during this time period:

If you already have a government contract, you should seek to maximize the contract amount by inquring if there is any additional work needed in the fourth quarter. It would also be a good idea to work on your relationship with the Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) staff. Let them know you are interested in any jobs that come up during the fourth quarter. Some agencies will want to fill their quotas for the year with contractors that fit specific criteria (i.e. minority or woman owned companies).A couple of other methods that could prove to be successful are teaming with another company to bid jointly on contracts. And lastly, having a GSA schedule prepared. A GSA schedule allows potential clients to recognize that your performance is already approved and your pricing is fair and reasonable. If you already have a GSA schedule, you could also use the information generated from the membership to find new opportunities via the e-Buy announcements.

In order to be a successful contractor, you need to be resourceful and prepared to act quickly. Now is a great time to fine tune those skills.

The information on this blog was collected from the Washington Post.

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